Yet another Federation Arts and Crafts Style building for the blog. Designed in 1912 by J. McCarthy. It’s brick. It’s a church. Thankfully the entire thing is not dipped in paint, like a lot of Sydney’s two storey churches.

The metal bell tower looks like a witch’s hat. The entire structure kind of spreads at the the base with gradually sloping brick buttresses, so it looks reassuringly plugged into the ground.

The roof is terracotta. The windows, which are otherwise largely free from decoration, emit a blue glow that is a distinctive contrast with the brick. The painted steel fence features multiple Art Nouveau motifs. It’s an unassuming but distinctive building. Some of the features are mirrored in the school across the road (see last below).

IMG_3159 IMG_3158 IMG_3157  IMG_3156IMG_3163


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